I have an eclectic background in web services. Over the past 11 years, my experience has run the full gamut from Web Design and User Interface Design to Full-Stack Development and Project Management. I am passionate about crafting a pleasant user experience and every aspect of my work is user-centered. I currently work as an Adobe Experience Manager Software Engineer for a digital agency. I thrive on the fast pace of agency life and love the variety of projects I get to work on. I live my life by the motto “Work hard, play hard” and work-life balance is extremely important. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and I am currently working toward my certification in AEM Development. My experience is extremely varied and includes user interface design, project management, and full-stack development. They call me a Unicorn in the UX community because it is rare to find someone who is passionate and talented in all these aspects of the product development. My eclectic background makes me a unique asset to any team.